LLDPE Flat Pack

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Reliable Brand LLDPE Can Liner Flat Pack

Item #SizeGaugeColourStrengthCase
V0370326" x 36"0.85 milClearRegular250/case
V0370426" x 36"0.85 milBlueRegular250/case
V0370526" x 36"1 milClearStrong200/case
V0370626" x 36"1.15 milClearX-Strong125/case
V0370730" x 38"0.85 milClearRegular250/case
V0370830" x 38"1 milClearStrong200/case
V0370930" x 38"1.15 milClearX-Strong125/case
V0371035" x 47"1.05 milClearStrong125/case
V0371135" x 50"0.9 milClearRegular200/case
V0371235" x 50"1.05 milClearStrong125/case
V0371335" x 50"1.2 milClearX-Strong100/case
V0371435" x 50"1.2 milBlueX-Strong100/case
V0371535" x 50"1.3 milClearX-Strong100/case
V0371642" x 48"1.05 milClearStrong100/case
V0371742" x 48"1.2 milClearX-Strong100/case
V0371820" x 22"0.8 milClearUtility500/case
V0371922" x 24"0.8 milClearUtility500/case
V0372024" x 22"0.8 milClearUtility500/case
V0372112" x 12"0.8 milBlackUtility1000/case
V0372226" x 36"0.85 milBlackRegular250/case
V0372326" x 36"1 milBlackStrong200/case
V0372426" x 36"1.15 milBlackX-Strong150/case
V0372530" x 38"0.85 milBlackRegular250/case
V0372630" x 38"1 milBlackStrong200/case
V0372730" x 38"1.15 milBlackX-Strong150/case
V0372835" x 50"0.9 milBlackRegular200/case
V0372935" x 50"1.05 milBlackStrong125/case
V0373035" x 50"1.2 milBlackX-Strong100/case
V0373135" x 50"1.4 milBlackXX-Strong100/case
V0373235" x 50"2 milBlackXXX-Strong100/case
V0373335" x 50"3 milBlackContractor Grade50/case
V0373442" x 48"1.05 milBlackStrong100/case
V0373542" x 48"1.2 milBlackX-Strong100/case
V0373620" x 22"0.8 milBlackUtility500/case
V0373720" x 22"0.8 milWhiteUtility500/case
V0373822" x 24"0.8 milBlackUtility500/case
V0373922" x 24"0.8 milWhiteUtility500/case
V0374024" x 22"0.8 milBlackUtility500/case
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