Floor & Hand Pads

Extend the life of your floors, satisfy your customers and employees, and meet your needs for performance, cost-control and even sustainability.

Hand pads

Light, clean and easy-to-use hand pads that clean a wide variety of surfaces.


Absorbent, clean and safe to use on many surfaces, our sponges can get the job done anywhere.

Stripping pads

When the floor needs refinishing, trust Reliable Brand stripping pads to get the job done right the first time.

Scrubbing pads

Clean or lightly strip floors with our scrubbing pads that come in a variety of sizes and work at variable speeds.

Buffing & polishing pads

For daily cleaning, easy buffing and effective on dry or wet floors, our buffing and polishing pads keep your floors vibrant.

Burnishing pads

Effective in polishing, and fit for high-frequency, day-to-day use, our burnishing pads help you leave a lasting impression.


Reliable Brand floor pads are made from 100% recycled PET plastic and are specially made to biodegrade in a fraction of the time it takes conventional floor pads (once discarded into an active landfill). We call that the Full Cycle® advantage.* What's more, many of our floor pads are Green Seal certified.

*ASTM D5511 testing shows 92.5% biodegradation in 616 days of Americo’s Full Cycle® floor pad as compared to 16.4% on our conventional pads. The ASTM D5511 test is a method that evaluates the biodegradability of plastic in anaerobic, or oxygen-less, conditions. These laboratory tests often show faster results than actual landfill conditions. The actual rate of biodegradation of Americo’s Full Cycle® pads, as well as the rate of all plastic materials in landfills, will be slower and will vary, dependent upon actual landfill conditions.

Connect with a Facility Solution Advisor

Our facility specialists can help you find the right product for you. If you’d like to talk to a Reliable Brand specialist or facility solutions expert, follow the link below.