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Scouring Pad - Light Duty

  • Ideal for stainless steel, vinyl, chrome, plastic, porcelain, china and fixtures
Item #SizeColourCase
V023356" x 9"White20/case

Scouring Pad - Medium Duty

  • Ideal for scrubbing pots, pans and countertops
  • Cleans dishes and dairy equipment
Item #SizeColourCase
V023366" x 9"Green20/case

Scouring Pad - Heavy Duty

  • Removes rust and corrosive deposits from metal surfaces
  • Cleans burned on food and grease on grills and griddles
Item #SizeColourCase
V023376" x 9"Green15/case

Utility Pad - Light Duty

  • Non-abrasive polishing pad
  • Ideal for a high gloss finish
Item #SizeColourCase
V023394.5" x 10"White20/case

Utility Pad - Heavy Duty

  • Ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and removing light finish buildup
Item #SizeColourCase
V023384.5" x 10"Brown20/case

Utility Pad - Melamine

  • Cleans without the use of harsh chemicals
Item #SizeColourCase
V023404.5" x 10"White20/case

Griddle Polish Pad

  • Use between holder and screen
  • Adds to life of screen
  • Use for polishing griddles
Item #SizeColourCase
V023334.5" x 6"Black60/case

Griddle Screen

  • For heavy duty cleaning
  • Removes burned on grease and food buildup
Item #SizeColourCase
V023344" x 5.75"Black360/case
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