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Roll Towel

  • Better absorbency and hand drying efficiency reduces towel consumptions
  • Dependability and softness without compromise
  • Made with 100% recycled fibres
Item #SizePlyColourCase
V035708" x 800'1 plyWhite6/case
V035718" x 1000'1 plyWhite6/case

Kitchen Paper Towel

  • Works beyond the kitchen and is suitable for use as a light duty wiper
  • Individually wrapped to prevent contamination
  • Made with 100% recycled fibres
Item #SizePlyColourCase
V0357210.9" x 8.6"2 plyWhite30/80 ct

Multifold Towel

  • Superior workmanship and consistent quality that end users can depend on
  • Standard dispensing performance and strength
  • Made from 100% recycled fibres
Item #SizePlyColourCase
V035739" x 9.5"1 plyWhite16/250 ct
V035749" x 9.5"1 plyNatural16/250 ct

Single Fold Towel

  • An economical choice that helps protect our environment
  • Standard dispensing performance and strength
  • Consistent quality that users can count on
Item #SizePlyColourCase
V035759" x 9"1 plyWhite16/250 ct
ECOLOGO certified products


Folded Towel Dispenser

  • High capacity reduces the need to refill frequently
  • Smooth, one a time dispensing
  • Seamless and professional towel presentation
Item #SizeColourCase
V0370018" x 11.75" x 6.25"Black1/case

Touch Free Mechanical Roll Towel Dispenser

  • Automatic mechanical cutting
  • No batteries and no buttons to program
  • Hygienic dispensing with no levers or cranks
  • Consistently dispenses 11" portions of roll towels
Item #SizeColourCase
V0370116.5" x 11.75" x 9.25"Black1/case

Touch Free Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser

  • Hygienic hands free dispensing
  • Smaller footprint than standard electronic dispensers
  • Adjustable paper length
  • Best battery life in the industry
Item #SizeColourCase
V0370214-7/16" x 11.75" x 9-1/8"Black1/case

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