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Room by room product solutions

No matter if it’s the main lobby or a guest room, Reliable Brand delivers a positive experience for guests—a gleaming facility that also reduces your cleaning costs. Essential to any hotel, our towel and tissue products boost comfort for your guests, and our hand hygiene and odor control products provide guests with a pleasant, memorable stay.

Proximity is everything

Our strategically located national distribution centres ensure you receive the Reliable Brand products you need, when you need them. Expect nothing less than consistent high product quality and availability—all delivered in the most efficient way possible. No matter if you have one hotel or many.


Make sure your hotel has the environmental “it” factor. Whether it’s sourcing from recycled content or putting less waste in landfills, Reliable Brand products are designed to help you succeed. Our can liners offer improved performance at thinner gauges which can mean purchasing less plastic for the same job. And, Reliable Brand floor pads are made from 100% recycled PET plastic.

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