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  • Made with quality post-consumer/industrial recycled resins
  • Perforated coreless rolls designed for portability and quick dispensing
  • Everyday-use liner suitable for most applications and great for heavy, irregular waste
Item #SizeGaugeColorCapacityCase
V0314024" x 32"0.5 milClear10 to 16 gal500
V0162724" x 32"0.7 milBlack10 to 16 gal500
V0314624" x 32"1 milBlack10 to 16 gal250
V0162230" x 36"0.5 milClear16 to 20 gal250
V0162333" x 39"1.2 milClear30 to 39 gal250
V0313833" x 39"2 milClear30 to 39 gal100
V0164938" x 58"1.2 milBlack60 gal100
V0162438" x 58"1.2 milClear60 gal100
V0165138" x 58"1.5 milBlack60 gal100
V0313638" x 58"1.5 milClear60 gal100
V0165238" x 58"1.7 milBlack60 gal100
V0162538" x 58"2 milClear60 gal50
V0314739" x 56"1.7 milGray60 gal100
V0314540" x 46"0.9 milBlack40 to 45 gal100
V0315140" x 46"1.1 milBlack40 to 45 gal100
V0162640" x 46"1.1 milClear40 to 45 gal100
V0165440" x 46"1.5 milBlack40 to 45 gal100
V0314440" x 46"1.7 milBlack40 to 45 gal100
V0315743" x 47"1.1 milBlack50 to 56 gal100
V0315543" x 47"1.2 milBlack50 to 56 gal100

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