Carpet care

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Carpet Defoamer

Concentrated Foam Control
  • Fast acting: breaks foam on contact
  • Eliminates downtime and wasted effort in dumping recovery tanks
  • Can be used anywhere foaming is a problem

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014141 galCharacteristic4/case

Carpet Pro X-Tractor

Extraction Carpet Cleaner
  • Highly-concentrated, economical formula
  • Rinses freely so carpets stay cleaner longer
  • Surfactant blend unlocks soil and dirt for easy removal

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014161 galPleasant4/case

Carpet Spin Brite

Bonnet Carpet Cleaner
  • Fast drying in less than one hour
  • Quickly removes oil/grease/soils
  • Use for dry or wet bonnet methods

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014171 galPleasant4/case

Carpet Spot & Stain RTU

Carpet Cleaner
  • Removes most common stains
  • Quickly unlocks soil from fibers
  • An effective spotter for use in health care setting against betadine and iodine stains

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014181 galCountry Fresh12/case

Carpet & Upholstery Foaming Spotter

Carpet Cleaner
  • Fast and easy way to clean rugs and upholstery
  • Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Safe on velour

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Item #SizeScentCase
V0047818 ozSpearmint12/case

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