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Super Strip

Non-Ammoniated Floor Stripper
  • Extended suspension of emulsified particles eliminates costly restripping
  • No harsh ammonia or solvent odors
  • Powerful stripping action

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014571 galPleasant4/case
V014585 galPleasant1/case

Max Strength First Time

Non-Ammoniated Floor Stripper
  • Powerful formula cuts through layers of old finish in minutes
  • Rinse-free with no alkaline residue
  • Low-foaming solution

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014491 galPleasant4/case
V014485 galPleasant1/case


Utility Coat

Low-Maintenance Floor Finish
  • Extended wear and superior protection for your floor covering
  • High gloss, black mark and detergent resistant
  • Self-leveling, excellent flow for easy application with little or no mop drag
  • 0.0% free styrene

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014595 galCharacteristic1/case
V0146055 galCharacteristic1/case

Gloss Coat

Low Maintenance Floor Finish
  • Deep gloss where burnishing is minimal or unavailable
  • Reduced labor costs due to fast build with fewer coats
  • 0.0% free styrene

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014461 galCharacteristic4/case
V014475 galCharacteristic1/case


UHS Floor Finish
  • Excellent off the mop gloss
  • Exceptional response to propane, battery or electric equipment
  • Extremely low odor solution
  • Superior black heel mark resistance

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014521 galCharacteristic4/case
V014535 galCharacteristic1/case


Ultra-High Gloss Floor Finish
  • Superior-wearing, hardest finish and hig- gloss
  • Resists dirt embedment
  • Non-scuffing
  • Self-leveling, self-sealing
  • 0.0% free styrene

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014505 galCharacteristic1/case
V033081 galCharacteristic4/case


Multi-Surface Sealer

Protective Coating
  • Adheres to a variety of hard surface floors
  • Long-lasting protection and abrasion resistance
  • High solids require fewer coats for reduced costs

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014515 galCharacteristic1/case

Protective Seal Ultra

Multi-Surface Floor Sealer
  • Acrylic polymer provides long-lasting protection
  • Easy to apply, and won’t yellow or powder
  • Compatible with all water-based finishes on waxes
  • Improved, high-gloss finish
Item #SizeScentCase
V014545 galCharacteristic1/case

Clean & Maintain

Floor Restore

UHS Cleaner & Restorer
  • Reduces the labor cost and need to recoat
  • Repairs scuffs and scratches and restores gloss
  • Perfect for use on most floor surfaces

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014451 galLemon4/case


Daily Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • Enhanced with malodor counteractant technology
  • Controlled foam, ideal for use in autoscrubbers, mop buckets and pails
  • Neutral pH: won’t attack, haze, dull floor gloss or leave a film
  • Dissolves and removes a wide variety of soils

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014441 galLemon4/case
V014435 galLemon1/case

Spray Buff RTU

Floor Buffing Solution
  • Provides excellent lubricity to pad surface for a higher shine
  • Effective repair of all floor finish types
  • Versatile: the perfect product for use with conventional and high-speed equipment

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Item #SizeScentCase
V014561 qtClean Bouquet12/case
V014555 galClean Bouquet4/case
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