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Clean Bowl – 9% HCL

High Acid Bowl Cleaner
  • 9% hydrochloric acid for high performance deodorization and removal of rust, limescale and uric acid deposits
  • Protects plumbing and fixtures
Item #SizeScentCase
V014891 qtMint12/case

Clean Bowl – 23% HCL

High Acid Bowl Cleaner
  • 23% hydrochloric acid
  • Highest cleaning and deodorizing performance on rust, limescale, and uric acid deposits
  • Suitable for periodic or restorative cleaning


Item #SizeScentCase
V014901 qtCharacteristic12/case

Thick Bowl – 9% HCL

High Acid Bowl Cleaner
  • 9% hydrochloric acid
  • Removes rust, limescale and hardwater stains
  • Thickened formula for enhanced dwell time on vertical surfaces
Item #SizeScentCase
V014951 qtMint12/case

Mild Acid Cherry

Restroom Cleaner
  • 20% phosphoric acid
  • For tough soils; less corrosive than hydrochloric acid
  • Neutralizes odors and removes rust, mineral deposits and lime as well as soap scum, body oils and grease
Item #SizeScentCase
V014941 qtCherry12/case


Lime Scale & Rust Remover
  • Fast acting: removes lime scale even from delicate metals
  • Low foaming for improved performance
  • Safe for use on stainless steel, plastics and soft metals as directed
  • Versatile: removes/descales a variety of equipment
Item #SizeScentCase
V014911 galWintergreen4/case

Gentle Scrub

Liquid Cream Cleanser
  • Thick clinging formula for vertical surfaces
  • Penetrates, scours, brightens and polishes without heavy agitation
  • Free-rinsing solution
Item #SizeScentCase
V014921 qtMint12/case

Instant Mildew

Stain Remover
  • Works on tile, grout, Fiberglass®, shower doors and vinyl
  • Increases the level of cleanliness in shower rooms, locker rooms and other restroom areas
  • Instantly removes tough mildew stains
Item #SizeScentCase
V014931 qtApple12/case

Restroom & Shower Foaming Cleaner

  • Clinging foam applies easily and allows for maximum contact time
  • Excellent for soap scum and body oil removal in shower areas
  • Versatile all-purpose cleaner
Item #SizeScentCase
V014881 qtMint12/case

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